No other place offers what we have.

No other place offers what we have.No other place offers what we have.No other place offers what we have.

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What is ARX?

Today you have many options for getting your body fit and healthy.  For best results, you need to make time and stay consistant.   We are the first location in our area to offer ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise).   Our ARX equipment is like nothing you have ever seen or experienced.  Just Ten minutes, once per/week is all your need to achieve amazing results.  Each workout is tracked.  No more guessing.  ARX quantifies your progress in live time and you can access your data at anytime from the cloud.  

Request a free trail session.  (916) 759-9854  Monday - Saturday.  

You Don't Have To Live With Pain.

Pain can be completely debilitating and keep you from functioning.    Whether your pain is from an acute injury or is chronic pain, now you can find relief.   Our equipment is the newest generation of PEMF Therapy.  Our PEMF (Pulsed ElectromagneticField Therapy) is a 'RINGER' device and doesn't work on frequencies.  Our 'ringer' PEMF can have up to 50 times the change then in multiple 20 minute oscillating PEMF systems.    We can treat the whole body in just minutes.  Clients seek PEMF Therapy for a varity of conditions:  Back pain, knee pain, broken bone - recovery, post surgery - recovery, Sciatic Nerve, Spinal Stenosis, Bursitis, Arthritis, Inflammation, Migraine, Tension, Fibromyalgia, Massage Therapy and more.  Request our brochure for additional information or a free trial. 

Your Time Is Everything!

Our clients value thier time.  No where can you get in and out in less then thirty minutes, and achieve what your can at Slim Your Core.  Our professional equipment is more than above average.  It is the best.  Everything we offer is designed to save you time, while providing the maxium health benefit.  Our photobiomoduation therapy and PEMF therapy equipment is the newest medical grade equipment available throughout the globe.    We provide results and tracking, eliminating the  guess work.  All of our state-of-the-art equiment delivers the highest intensity while maintaining the highest levels of safety.   Call today to schedule a consultation or free trail.   (916) 759-9854.  

Located in Roseville, CA