Non-Invasive Body Contouring



Non-Invasion Body Contouring Benefits

BodyLight™ is the strongest and most advanced non-invasive body contouring device on the market. It’s clinically proven to shrink fat cells while stimulating collagen to give you a leaner, smoother appearance.

L.E.D. Light Therapy can also reduce inflammation, can help reduce pain, and increase circulation.


The BodyLight™ used to lose fat is a 100% L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diodes) System. Clinically proven to shrink fat cells, it is the strongest slimming treatment on the market.

The light safetly penetrates 10-12mm below the skin and is absorbed by the fat cell. This stimulation opens pores in the fat cells allowing the fat to escape. Fat cells then shrink while the excess fat is safely removed by your metabolic process.

A vibration machine is then used to activate your lymphatic system following the BodyLight™. This system is used to naturally eliminate the ‘waste’ from your fat cells. It is important to drink plenty of water before and after treatments to push the toxins out of your system.


The fat cell opens and releases its contents (triglycerides) into interstitial space (the space between cell membranes). The lymphatic system is responsible for transporting fatty acids to the circulatory system for metabolism and is ‘powered’ by muscle movement. Lymph nodes release enzymes to break triglycerides down into free-fatty acids. The free-fatty acids are then used as energy for the body and burned off.


Lose 2 to 4 inches of fat in less than 21 days.

*Age may result in requiring more treatments to stimulate the body for the same results as an individual under age 35. Combine with a healthy diet and active lifestyle for best results.

Choose Slim Your Core

At a certain age, the driving mantra no longer needs to be “NO PAIN, NO GAIN.” You don’t want to feel pain in order to look great later.

And no matter your age or athletic level, why feel the next-day-pain that can result from a simple bike ride or hike when you don’t have to?

Slim Your Core is the perfect solution because it works. With my system you can improve your overall health and increase your strength with as little as 60 minutes per week.

Not possible, RIGHT? Actually, it is.

With L.E.D. Red Light Therapy, you can get fit and stay fit while reducing wear and tear on your body and joints, reduce inflamation, heal more quickly and achieve your fitness goals faster.

Owner, Kelly Donoghue, pictured to the right in the image above.

Learn more and how to specifically utilize my tools based on your own personal needs and goals.

People Trust Slim Your Core Because:


Customized Approach & Education

Red Light can range making it important to learn what wavelengths and how power of the device plays a role in stimulating your Mitochondria and will provide health benefits. Simply lying in a tanning bed with ‘red light’ may not deliver optimal results and the health benefits your are looking for.

Clients and customers are educated and receive research explaining what is needed for personal overall wellness. Power does play a key role in effective ‘light therapy’ and though it is safe and natural there are contradictions and you need to be aware of the guidelines.


A Holistic Approach to Healing

Our holistic approach includes looking at your biomechanics and helping you improve your posture for better mobility and better health.



  • Competitive work coach for 3 decades
  • 20 years of ballet experience
  • Professional iceskater with the Ice Capades
  • Taught power skating for 18 years
  • Symmetry Level I Practioner – Postural Correction

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