Client Testimonials

Laura B.

Fair Oaks, CA

​​”Slim Your Core worked for me. I could see results and improved toning after just a few treatments.”


Erica C.

Sacramento, CA

“After just a few sessions I immediately noticed a difference. Thanks Kelly!”


Gloria S.

Massage Therapist

“I was beyond thrilled! I am truly grateful for getting my life back and getting it back so quickly!”



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Ashley – Before

Ashley – After


Newcastle, CA

“SlimYourCore changed my life.  Not only did I see fast results, I no longer had to take classes where I was getting hurt.  I met with Kelly twice a week using light therapy treatments and whole body vibration which is little to no impact on my body.  It’s easy.

Alissa V

Newcastle, CA

I’m a mother of two, children ages one and six years old. Since my pregnancy my stomach has stretch marks and the skin never tightened up like it was. After 6 treatments of light therapy I noticed a big difference in my stomach. My skin is tighter and the stretch marks are less visible. I also love that after the treatment I’m not bloated and I feel like I”m closer to having the body I’ve been wanting in less time. Busy moms, take the time to treat yourself. You deserve it!”


Roseville, CA

“Slim Your Core worked for me. I could see results and improved toning after just a few treatments. No more love handles. I felt confident and felt better in my cloths. The process was painless, easy and took no time at all. It is something you can do during your lunch break. After seeing my results my daughter tried it. After 5 treatments, she lost 9″ from her waist and stomach. Amazing results.”

Erica C.

Sacramento, CA

“I found Kelly at Slim Your Core at a time where I was incredibly frustrated that months and months of eating very clean and working out daily weren’t getting rid of my little abdominal “poof”. I was being very disciplined but I knew that it wasn’t going to be enough to get me beach photo shoot ready for a trip I had been anticipating for quite some time.

After just a few sessions I immediately noticed a difference. For starters, it didn’t just affect my tummy, the transition started with my thighs, then my arms began to tone faster and finally my tummy. By following the suggestion, of consuming less sugar after the session and drinking a lot of water, it kept me even more disciplined in my diet. I lost inches and am really excited to see what my results will be next summer!

Kelly is an absolute Doll and I always look forward to seeing her and being encouraged by her amazing energy. This was a definite blessing for me on many levels. Thanks Kelly!”

Donlee J.

LVN, Sacramento, CA

“I’m a 29 year old wife, mother and full time nurse. After the birth of my child I started working out on a daily basis with the hopes of getting my body back. Although I was able to loose almost 50 pounds with diet and exercise, I found areas of my body that just didn’t respond. I still had saddle bags and stubborn cellulite on the back of my thighs. I tried everything, including 30 minute squat and lunge sessions, hours with a personal trainer and a variety of lotions and oils, but nothing seemed to work.

When I found Slim Your Core, I couldn’t believe how quick and painless it was to achieve results. I am happy to say that my cellulite is gone and my thighs are smaller then ever. In as little as 2 sessions, I began to see an improvement. Thanks to Slim Your Core I’m back to feeling great about how I look! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to look great and feel healthier!”

Gloria Sevey

Massage Therapist, Roseville, CA

“I was fortunate enough to meet Kelly after I had back surgery in May of 2015. I was rehabbing myself but I knew I had to deal with scar tissue that was pulling and creating severe tightness in my low back.

I was getting massage, using essential oils and also trying to work it out myself. I had seen Kelly at Cryotherapy and inquired about her services. I decided to try the red light therapy to help with inflammation and to see if it might help break down the scar tissue and relieve the pulling and tightness that I was experiencing.

After the first session, I could move in ways I hadn’t been able to because of the pain and tightness. I was beyond thrilled! I continued to see her 2 times a month for the next 4 months to help my healing process. Along with the red light therapy, training on the vibration plate accelerated my healing and helped to rebuild the muscle that had severely atrophied due the ruptured disc and nerve damage.

After 5 months of therapy and training, I was back on my mountain bike and snow skiing. Just recently I started water skiing again. Another amazing benefit was the fat reduction I experienced around my mid section. I am truly grateful for getting my life back and getting it back so quickly! Thank you Kelly!”

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